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Can I upgrade to your new 2020 web-based platform from the 2005-2018 software?
If you have Crack the PCAT installed on your computer between 2005-2018, then it's reached the End-of-Life and your warranty has expired and you will need to upgrade to our latest and newest 'cloud' and 'web-based' platform to reap the latest benefits.

Check out a video preview of the 2020 Cloud/Web/Mobile Platform updated for the PCAT and all the latest features which weren't available in the older Crack the PCAT:
+Ability to access your PCAT Prep on the go from any of your personal devices including mobile and tablets (iOS and android)
+Your account is automatically synced between devices
+Can access it anytime anywhere from any device
+New General Chemistry Crash Course (over 150+ videos) to help you make best use of study time and master the content
+New Organic Chemistry Crash Course (over 20+ Hours)
+New Math Crash Course Videos (over 60+ Videos)
+More PCAT Tests and new questions
+Practice Mode – so you can see your answers right away after each question
+Full Length Tests that you can take from start to finish (wasn’t part of the older packages)
+Study Guides
+Dental School Interview eBook
+in-App Support
+Upgraded Analysis and Score Report page for easier use
+6 Months Support and Access

As such, the myriad of these new benefits, perks and value in the 2020 Cloud/Web/Mobile Platform is not free and is a PAID upgrade.

You can even check out and preview our new 2020 PCAT Platform for free:
You can even try the new Crack the PCAT sidekick companion mobile app for your iPhone/iPad and Android.

Once you obtain membership, the system will onboard you to our new platform which enables you to access your software from any of your devices including mobile; and you'll receive access to our latest version which equips you with more tools and resources to help you score high on your PCAT Exam.
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  • Do I need an internet connection to use the program?
  • Can I access my portal from any of my personal devices?
  • How many times will I be able to take each test?
  • Does "Crack the PCAT" have a score guarantee?
  • How long are the memberships?
  • Is my personal information safe?
  • What is the policy for refunds?
  • I want to apply to your "Crack the PCAT" Pre-Pharmacy Scholarship
  • How quick will I receive my order?
  • Any deals if my pre-pharmacy society wants to sign up?
  • How can I give "Crack the PCAT" as a gift/present?
  • Can I upgrade my package anytime?
  • Will I be able to pause the test?
  • What topics are the writing prompts usually on?
  • Is my writing section graded?
  • What is the correlation of my practice scores vs real test?
  • How are my exam scores tabulated?
  • How can I get my automatic updates to the newest versions?
Software Orders & Invalid License (2005-2018)
  • End of Life Announcement for 2005-2018 Software Orders & Invalid License Key Errors
  • Can I upgrade to your new 2020 web-based platform from the 2005-2018 software?

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