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What is the correlation of my practice scores vs real test?
We do NOT collect any of your practice examination scores on "Crack the PCAT". Furthermore, many students do not report to us their final PCAT Scores. Therefore, we cannot make any direct correlations. What we can say is that over the past decade, the students that have prepared for the Pharmacy College Admission Test after incorporating "Crack the PCAT" into their preparation regimen have achieved stellar scores. They often report back to us with great testimonials praising us for "Crack the PCAT" after they have taken the Pharmacy College Admission Test. Historically, "Crack the PCAT" has been one of the best predictors of your actual Pharmacy College Admission Test.

Because "Crack the PCAT" provides the most enriching and realistic experience for the Pharmacy College Admission Test mimicking and mirroring the exact testing platform which you will experience on test day, pre-pharms are very quick to suggest "Crack the PCAT" as one of the best resources. If you have talked to a student who has taken the Pharmacy College Admission Test, it is highly likely they have used "Crack the PCAT".

We cannot predict what the Pharmacy College Admission Test will present you on test day, so our team has devised a variety of questions to cover the spectrum of questions they may ask. As a result, you are well-prepared if they throw you a curve ball. By mastering how the testing interface works and simulating a test under actual testing conditions, you will become more efficient and confident in your skills. Through your progression with "Crack the PCAT", you will see an improvement in your performance.

Our suite of Crack the PCAT tools will deliver the results you are seeking. "Crack the PCAT" series has the largest arsenal of questions for the exam. There should absolutely no reason why you should miss another PCAT question once you start increasing your exposure. "Crack the PCAT" provides the largest arsenal of PCAT practice tests and questions along with video tutorial explanations. Most importantly, the Math section will allow you to sharpen your time management because most students tend to run out of time on this section. The Reading portion will also provide you with ample practice as it looks and feels like the Reading Comprehension section of the Pharmacy College Admission Test.

Our mantra at "Crack the PCAT" is even if we can get 1 or 2 more questions correct on any given section, you're a winner. The extra effort is often what separates you from dropping you down one score level or moving you up into the next score level.
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  • Is my writing section graded?
  • What is the correlation of my practice scores vs real test?
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