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Shirin N. UCLA CrackPCAT certainly met my expectations. The test was very much in line with what can be expected on the actual exam. The questions were strikingly similar in content and difficulty. Also, the layout very closely resembles that of the actual exam providing familiarity. ★★★★★
Lucy T. Michigan State University CrackPCAT is a good software that provides many many practice questions that imitate the real PCAT. Doing practice questions on the computer helps you become comfortable with the real test. Also, the software analyzes which subjects you did well in and your weaknesses. This is a big plus because it helps you narrow your study subjects and what you need to focus on. ★★★★★
Madison H. Ohio State University I had been studying using different books and resources for about a year for the pharmacy college admission test, but it wasn’t until I bought this app and started using it that I felt prepared and confident on taking the test. It is a designed to train students for this particular test. The structure of the questions is very similar to the ones you find on the board and at the end you get to know if your answer was correct or not and the explanation of why it was correct or incorrect. ★★★★★
Kathy J. 10/08/2019 I purchased as soon as I was ready to begin prepping. I have tried some other reviews but none offer as many practice tests as this one does. And that is what works best for me - doing questions constantly. So the fact I can just go on the app whenever I want and practice questions is amazing. I definitely recommend! ★★★★★